The Gurunsi (Grunsi) TribeThe Gurunsi (Grunsi) Tribe
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map of Burkina FasoThis designation does not correspond to any one ethnic group. In fact it was the Mossi who gave the name to the various ethnicities who live in the west and the south of the Mossi plateau: properly speaking, the Nunuma, Nuna, Winiama, Lela, and Kasena. Together they number about 200,000 people, the most numerous of which are the Nuna, estimated at 100,000 people. Roy (1987) uses the term "Gurunsi" because it is convenient, but he mentions that is has a pejorative meaning for the autochthones. The Mossi have never been able to subjugate the Gurunsi, who live in a region where the tsetse fly, carrier of sleeping sickness fatal to the horses of the Mossi cavalry, is rampant. Furthermore, Gurunsi villages, which have very narrow streets with houses grouped together, did not allow for a frontal attack. Despite these two defenses, some of the Nuna were taken into slavery, a practice that continued until nearly the end of the nineteenth century…

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